Elfstedentocht (Eleven Cities Tour) winner Henk Angenent

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On 4 January 1997, Henk Angenent won the Elfstedentocht, the foremost outdoor Dutch skating competition, by beating Erik Hulzebosch to the finish in a thrilling sprint.

In 2003 he became the Dutch ten kilometre champion. In the same year, he placed fourth at the World Distance Championships. He competed for the World Cup at that distance several times.

In 2004 the man from Woubrugge beat the world endurance record; he skated a distance of 41 kilometres, 669 metres and 49 centimetres. Three years later his record was broken by Casper Helling, who upped it to 41 kilometres and 969.10 metres. The last winner of the Elfstedentocht (Eleven cities ice skating tour) retired from skating in 2009.